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Uniabroad is a private professional admissions consultancy firm that helps students with university application to various destinations.

Our work is to link students to the right institutions for their particular program. Our destinations include Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey and the UAE






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Studying Abroad Benefits

  • Form new valuable contacts and lasting connections
  • Advance your academic and career path
  • Pursue courses that may not be offered in your home country
  • Learn how to communicate across cultures
  • Increase you employment prospects
  • Become more independent

Why Choose Us?

  • We do not limit students to any particular university; you have access to all
  • We provide Visa Guidance
  • We make sure you are aware of the deadlines and how to beat them
  • We match you with the right universities for your program
  • We make sure you first meet the entry requirements before applying to a particula university
  • We give you up to date information on how to get SCHOLARSHIPS


Frequently Asked Questions

With increasing competition, choices made in high school can have a significant impact on a student’s career path. Expert advice is crucial at an early stage to channel a student’s interests into meaningful experiences that will enhance his or her chances of admission to university and future career success.

We offer a variety of packages covering a range of services typically associated with the application process. However, the application process for each client and university is unique, requiring different types/combinations of services. We operate on a quote basis.

During our initial discussion, we obtain information about your academic credentials and career aspirations, the type of program you seek to enter and the number of applications involved. We then provide a detailed quote based on the types of services required and the estimated time for completion.

Distinguishing yourself with an excellent application and interview can make the difference between pursuing your academic and professional dreams and falling just short.

We provide guidance throughout the application process, thereby minimizing the frustration and anxiety frequently associated with university admissions. We work with you to present your application in the best possible light and enhance your interview skills to allow you to excel under pressure.

Writing a personal statement for admissions should be a lot like telling a story. The best part: the story is about you, so you already have all the information you need. As an admissions expert, your advisor will work with you to help you discover and highlight your strengths, and to craft a personal statement that will reflect your personality and communicate your potential to an admissions officer.

Because it’s such a personal decision, much about the college selection process can’t be found in guidebooks. You need to think about campus culture, diversity, distance from home, size, major, and what these things mean to you. UniAbraod will walk you through the college selection process step by step to help you find the best colleges for your interests and talents.

Your UniAbroad expert will work with you to create a plan of action appropriate for your college admissions process and schedule. We text, email, and can use phone and videoconferencing to make connecting with us and getting the work done as easy and painless as possible.

Your advisor will work with you to create a balanced list that will maximize your chances of success. As we work through your college application list with you, we’ll let you know the likelihood of acceptance for each school based on your academic record and extracurricular achievements.

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