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  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Visa Requirements

    • Original passport
    • Passport sized photos
    • Confirmation of offer letter
    • Source of income
    • Academic documents

    Australia boasts of some of the top 100 ranked institutions in the world. Get the opportunity to advance your studies in some of these institutions which offer a variety of courses from film, art, medicine, aviation, history and so much more. Study at half the cost fromThe choice is yours!!

    Grow your global networks by having the opportunity to study and work at the same time. As a student, you are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week when the semester is going on and full time during semester breaks. A great way to get work experience and extra cash while still studying.

    With a very welcoming international community, Australia hosts students from all walks of life, from different continents, countries and cultures. You associate with the different cultures, learn more about them and expand your worldview. Experience Australia from a global view.

    An Australian degree makes a student attractive to the global workforce. With a wide range of courses and practical experience gained during your study period, a student is able to gain employment opportunities not just from Australian based companies, but in the global landscape.

    Institutions work hard to ensure that each student feels welcomed and supported throughout their study and stay in the country. This is greatly influenced by the high number of international students in the country. The supporting system is drawn from the institution to the community of residency and the welcoming nature of the country in general.

    The country boasts a high quality of living, especially in the cities. After graduating students can opt to stay in the country or return to their home country. In order to stay, they will need to apply for a new visa. This provides international students the ability to boost and grow themselves in an environment that encourages them to explore the undiscovered areas of technology, engineering, social interactions, etc. You can opt to advance to a higher level of education in the same country

    Once done with your studies, the friends form a lifetime connection. Through the alumni groups and forums ensure that you will never lose touch. With so many international students, you have a community anywhere you go.


The tuition fees and living cost vary depending on the institution of study and the institution’s location. Institutions located in the major cities usually are costlier compared to institutions located on the outskirts of the cities. Please note that the amounts below are the average tuition fees and their duration of study, they might be higher or lower depending on the institution of your choice:

    • Duration 3 Years

    • Duration 2 Years

    Living cost consists of the basic needs the student would need to complement their stay and studies in the country. These include: accommodation, food, clothing and pocket money. We advise that a student have at least AUD$22,000 for the year.

Prices in Australian Dollars (AU$)

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Tuition fees 8400 8300 8300
Room and board (includes food, transport, and other living expenses) 7400 7300 7300

Kindly note that the prices indicated above are average cost and may vary depending on the institution, the location and other personal preferences. Convert Currency Here