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  • Visa Requirements

    • Original passport
    • Passport sized photos
    • Confirmation of offer letter
    • Source of income
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    Canada boasts of some of the top 100 ranked institutions in the world. Get the opportunity to advance your studies in some of these institutions which offer a variety of courses from film, art, medicine, aviation, history and so much more. Study at half the cost fromThe choice is yours!!

    Canada offers the opportunity for students to study and work concurrently, while earning some extra cash to offset some of their expenses and build up their curriculum vitae (CV) doing so. With up to 20 hours of working time a week, you have the choice to work on campus or find a job off campus.

    With over 700 thousand international students and a country with 21% of the population being immigrants, you get the interact with people from different cultures and see the world through the eyes of different societies. The more you learn, the more you grow.

    The country allows students to apply for permanent residency once they have graduated from school. The work experience they earned while studying becomes an added advantage to gaining permanent residency. But in order to do that, you will need to apply for a work permit.

    The country being one of the major tourist destinations in the world Canada offers a multitude of magnificent landscapes that can be explored throughout the country’s four distinct seasons.


The tuition fees and living cost vary depending on the institution of study and the institution’s location. Institutions located in the major cities usually are costlier compared to institutions located on the outskirts of the cities. Please note that the amounts below are the average tuition fees and their duration of study, they might be higher or lower depending on the institution of your choice:

    • Duration 4 Years
    • Fees CA$ 10,000-15,000

    • Duration 2 Years
    • Fees CA$ 15,000-18,000

    • Duration 4 Years
    • Fees CA$ 15,000

    • Duration 2 Years
    • Fees CA$ 15,000

    Living cost consists of the basic needs the student would need to complement their stay and studies in the country. These include: accommodation, food, clothing and pocket money. We advise that students have an average of CA$12000. For more information, click here. For more information, Click here

Prices in Canadian dollars

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester
Tuition fees 5000 5000 5000
Room and board (includes food, transport, and other living expenses) 4000 4000 4000

Kindly note that the prices indicated above are average cost and may vary depending on the institution, the location and other personal preferences. Convert Currency Here